Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Special Events in Daejeon:Festival: 54th Baekje Culural Festival

It has been 1300 years since Baekje disappeared into history. For a long time, Baekje was a forgotten and dusty period of time in the corner of history. But now Baekje is reviving due to the effort and interest of many people. Since it forms a big stream of national culture and spirit, Baekje's true character has been revealed, and we now know that it played a central role of cultural exchange connecting the world as a strong marine country. Baekje Cultural Festival with a 50-year History is a festival that revives the history and culture of Baekje. Furthermore, it is a promising space that sublimates the new dream of the 700-year great Baekje into country development and world peace. Foundation establishment in addition to co-hosting with Buyeo Gun Gongju City last year led the civilian-initiated Baekje Cultural Festival to a new level of power.

Period: Friday 3rd to Sunday 12th October October
Place: Gongji-si & Buyeu-gun, Chungsheongnam-do
Theme: The World's Trading Kingdom for 700 years
Organizers: Baekje Cultural Festval Organizing Committee
Website: http://www.baekje.org/
E-Books: Baekje Cultural Festival
Phone: 041-857 6955
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