Saturday, 11 October 2008

On Stage in Daejeon:Ballet: National Ballet of ChinaTuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd of October 2008 [DJCAC]

After winning international fame with his 1991 film "Raise the Red Lantern", China's best known director, Zhang Yimou, reworked his masterpiece into a ballet. Combining elements of Western dance and classical Peking Opera, the ballet strives to achieve the film's visual intensity. Set in the warlord era of 1920's China, it tells the story of a beautiful but adulterous concubine caight in the household intrigues of a powerful mandarin. With its themes on women's rights, the role of the individual in an authoritarian system, and the heavy burdens of culture and tradition, "Raise the Red lantern" has long been probed by critics - and deemed suspect by government censors - for its potential relevance to modern China []. Raise the Red lantern as performed by the National Ballet of China comes to Daejeon at the Daejeon Culture & Arts Center on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of October.
Performers: National Ballet of China
Dates: Tursday 21st & Wednesday 22 of October
Time: 19:30
Tickets: R:100,000, S: 80,000, A:60,000, B: 40,000, C: 20,000
Information: DJAC
Telephone: (042) 610-2222
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