Thursday, 16 October 2008

Films in Dajeon:Apple / Sa-Kwa [Korea]

Hyun-jung’s first love of seven years, Min-suk, has coldly left her. A man named Sang-hoon appears with a business card and a bouquet of flowers. Hyun-jung breaks down into tears and decides to marry Sang-hoon with the belief that no one in this world con love her as much. After their marriage, two conflicting views of love collide. During this division, Min-suk reappears unable to erase her memories and confesses his love for her. Hyun-jung is left a state of confusion.
Director: Kang Yi-kwan (강이관)
Country: Korea
Runtime: 118 mins
Cinemas: Multiplexes
Opening: Thursday 16th October 2008
Trailer: Apple

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