Thursday, 16 October 2008

Films in Daejeon:Adrift in Tokyo [Japan]

Underachieving law student Takemura (Odagiri Joe) - on his eighth year and counting - has racked up quite a sizable debt in the name of higher education. The urgency of his financial situation announces itself in the form of hot-tempered debt collector Fukuhara (Miura Tomokazu), who comes bursting into his apartment one night demanding payment and threatening painful repercussions. Short of hitting it big on pachinko, Takemura has no idea how he can possibly pay back the sum. As the deadline closes in, Fukuhara makes Takemura an unexpected proposition: walk with him from Kichijoji (in western Tokyo) to Kasumigaseki (in central Tokyo), and he’ll pay the indebted student one million yen, enough to cover his debt. Bewildered but in no position to argue, Takemura hits the road with Fukuhara who, it turns out, just killed his wife and wants to turn himself in at a specific police station in Kasumigaseki. Getting there will take some time though, because many wacky people and surprise detours await them on the road in between.
Director: Satoshi Miki
Country: Japan
Runtime: 101 mins
Cinemas: Multiplexes
Opening: Thursday 16th October 2008

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