Thursday, 16 October 2008

Films in Daejeon:Crush and Blush [Korea]

Mi-suk is a wild-eyed character. When her high school classmates pose for a group picture on a field trip, she crouches at the back and jumps at the cameraman's shout of three.N o one noticed her at school and no one notices her 10 years later when she becomes a middle school English teacher. Her students ignore her because she is not cool. Her frumpy appearance - blushing red every time she speaks, overly chapped lips and curly, bouffant hair - makes her a figure of fun. Her blushing peaks when she expresses her unrequited love to Mr. Seo, who was once her homeroom teacher and is now married with a child. But Mi-suk, 29, played by Kong Hyo-jin, is not an innocent introvert. She's not the type who waits for her Prince Charming to ride by on a white steed and scoop her into his arms.
Country: Korea
Runtime: 101 mins
Opening: Thursday 16th October 2008
Cinemas: Multiplexes
Trailer: Crush & Blush

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