Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Films in Daejeon:Blackout [USA]

In the small town of Edison, California, everything is nice and routine. Everyone knows each other, and having a routine life is just fine. Until the day a teenager from the past pops in for a visit. Alex North comes home as if he had never left... 30 years earlier. Even his appearance is... the same. Shaken by old memories and a rumbly ground below the townsfolk of Edison re-live a tragedy buried for 30 years... or more. Blackout's and tremors churn up a murderous event 40 years in the past.
Stars: Ken Field, Laurie Curtis, Ryan Curtis, Mike Scherer

Director: Ryan Curtis
Country: USA
Cinemas: Multiplexes
Opening: 9th October 2008
Trailer: Blackout

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