Thursday, 9 October 2008

Special Events in Daejeon:Daejeon International Balloon FestivalFriday 10th to Sunday 12th October 2008

..Have you ever dreamt of flying high in the sky that to in a balloon? If the answer is yes then plan a trip to Daejeon- a wonderful city in South Korea with abundance of natural beauty and a cultural background to match perfectly. The Daejeon International Balloon Festival in Daejeon is a grand fiesta that can fulfill this dream of yours. The Balloon Festival of International fame features a number of hot air balloon rides and aeronautical programs. The venue for the Daejeon International Balloon Fiesta is at Yuseong- gu, Daejeon. The Fiesta is managed by the Daejeon City Council and is widely supported by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Ministry of Science and Technology, The Air Force Headquarters and The Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade.

Date: Friday 10th ~ Sunday 12th October 2008
Location: Gab riverside in front of Expo Park
Program : Hot Air Balloon competition, Powered paragliding competition, Opening ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Science explore, Aviation explore, Model glider, Air rocket, Exhibition etc,
Promotor: Daejeon International Balloon Fiesta Organization
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