Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Films in Daejeon:Public Enemy Returns [Korea]

Kang Chul-jung [Seol Kyeong-gu ] has been a detective fighting crime for 15 years, but he leads a financially insecure life. Meanwhile, the men he’s put behind bars in the past are now doing much better for themselves, which drives Chul-jung to regret choosing to be a cop. On the other side of the spectrum is Jae-young [Jeong Jae-yeong], the wealthy honcho of a large network of businesses including finance, butchery, construction, and entertainment, as well as a number of clubs. He trains young boys to work for him while at critical times forcing them to take the fall on his behalf by falsely confessing to the crimes he committed. Kang Chul-jung feels an incredible anger towards Jae-young, who is quick to turn young boys into criminals for his own selfish gains. Chul-jung vows to get him.Source

Director: Kang Woo-seok
Genre: Comedy
Country: Korea
Runtime: 125 mins
Trailer: Public Emey Returns

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