Monday, 30 June 2008

Clubs in Daejeon:Expat Flyers

Expat flyers is the only Korean Aero club to be run by an expat. Their flight instructor was a FAA commercial Pilot before coming to Korea and is well aware of the requirements needed for students to be able to transfer their pilots licences when returning to their own countries. Expat flyers aero club has members from all over the globe including Canada, the United States and Korea. They also specialise in flight experience tours and Pilot supplies. Theclub has two aircraft available and operate most flyable days and hold regular meetings and events. Check them out.

Club Name: Expatflyers,
Activity: Flying
Address: Depyeong Ri Airfield, Depyeong LiChungnam Province, South Korea
Telephone: 010-4105-5585

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