Saturday, 21 June 2008

Concert: Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem Op.45Tuesday 24th June 2008 [DJAC]


The Daejeon Philharmonic Choir under conductor Winfried Toll will be performing Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem Op.45 J. Brahms on Tuesday the 24th of June 2008. According to the All Music Guide: First performed in a six-movement version in 1868, the work had its emotional roots in the death of the composer's mother three years earlier. The maternal spirit of much of the text, with its words of consolation that speak more of memory of the dead than return of the dead is a direct allusion his mother's death in 1865, and a reflection of Brahms' disillusionment with dogmatic religion. As a counter to this, there is a more paternal element in the second, third, and sixth movements, which invoke the inevitability of death and its eventual defeat. In spite of its evolving over a period of 11 years, there is a unity of style, mood, and form that is surprising in a work not planned as a unit from the beginning. There are some disparities in balance and scoring, however, the breadth, power, and sheer beauty of the work surely rank it among the great masterpieces of choral-orchestral music.

Performer: Daejeon Philharmonic Choir
Daejeon Culture & Arts Centre
Date: Tuesday 24th June 2008
Time: 19:30
Tickets: R: 20,000, S: 10:000, A:5,000
Contact: 042-610-2292

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