Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Films in Daejeon:Go, Go Second Time Virgin [Japan]

Two psychologically battered teenagers meet on a desolate urban rooftop and bare their psychic scars to each other. The boy (Michio Akiyama) feels a mixture of arousal and anguish when he sees the unclothed girl (Mimi Kozakura) following a gang rape on the rooftop, in which he was a partial participant, but their relationship becomes far more devastating and perverse than a forced sexual encounter. He relates how his parents forced him to watch and participate in group sex, a trauma he eventually curtailed with the aid of a butcher knife. Eventually the boy takes a surprising action against his peers, leading to the inevitable tragic finale.

Director: Koji Wakamatsu /
Starring: Mimi Kozakura, Michio Akiyama
Runtime: 65min
Year: 1969
Trailer: Go, Go Second Time Virgin

Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema

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