Friday, 13 June 2008

Films in Daejeon11th - 17th June 2008

Among the films currently showing in Daejeon at the moment are below. Click on the films title to read more about the film and view a trailer.

1. Flash Point / Dao huo xian [Hong Kong]

2. The Happening [USA]

3. Beyond All Magic / Heung-si-mo-nyeo [Korea]

4. The Incredible Hulk [USA]

5. Kung Fu Panda [USA]

2. Sex and the City [USA]

3. Girlscout / Geol-seu-ka-woo-teu [Korea]

4. 810. Vitus [Switzerland]

11. I'm Not There [USA]

12. Hallem Foe [USA]

13. 88 mins [USA]

14. What Happens In Vegas [USA]

15. We Own The Night [USA]

16. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [USA}

17. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian [USA]

To get an idea of screening times, click on the Program link for individual cinemas below. The program link for the Daejeon Art Cinema cannot be shown this week but times for the three films showing there this week [I'm Not There, Hallem Foe & Vitus] can be accessed at the website indicated.]. The links to other programs show the times for Friday the 13th of June [MCV Academiy times not available this week. Movies change on Wednesdays.To get information about the cinemas click on the name of the cinema.

CGV Daejeon: Program 13th June
Cinewe Theatre: Program 13th June
Lotte Cinema: Program 13th June
MCV Academy:
Primus: Program 13th June
Rodeo Town: Program 13th June
Time World: Program 13th June
Daejeon Art Cinema:

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