Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Films in Daejeon:A Pool Without Water (Mizu no nai puuru) [Japan]

We’re introduced to a man (nameless, IMDB lists him as “Man”) who witnesses a woman being rape. He eventually responds to the situation and rescues her and she tries to befriend him. This is a nice addition to his completely boring career as a ticket stamper. His home life is just as overwhelming; His wife never shuts up and he feels so distant from his kids. He buys chloroform and stalks a waitress on her way home. Gassing her room and then having sex with her when she is knocked out. He continues to do this nightly and adds cleaning her house and preparing breakfast to the rituals. She has fallen in for him, even though she doesn’t know exactly who he is. One night he forgets to put on his gas mask and is caught the subsequent morning. The lovers are finally united, but the man is jailed.

Director: Wakamatsu Koji
Country: Japan
Year: 1982
Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema

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