Thursday, 27 March 2008

Films In Daejeon: Fate [Korea ]

In the film Sookmyeong [Fate], U-min [Song Seung-heon], Cheol-jung [Kwon Sang-woo], Do-wan [Kim In-Kwon], and Yeong-hwan are strong team players in a gang. The four friends plan to rob a casino so they can start a new life, but Cheol-jung betrays his friends to the mob boss, and U-min is obliged to go to the prison to save the others. However, after his release, U-min finds himself in a much tougher situation: Cheol-jung is blinded by power, Do-wan is crippled by substance abuse, and his girlfriend Eun-yeong [Park Han-byeol]leads the life of a miserable bar girl. But as he tries to rectify wrongs, unfortunate turns of fate make best friends become foes. 18 and over.[]

Director: Kim Hae-gon (김해곤)
Run Time: 123 min
Cinemas: Lotte, Time World
Times: Cine/Cine
Trailer: Fate


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