Thursday, 13 March 2008

Daejeon Venues Woosong Arts Center

The Woosong Arts Center(WAC) was opened on the October 15, 1992 with the support of the Woosong Foundation. A number of schools are associated and affiliated with the Center and the Center aims at "promoting art and culture in the entire Korean Community of Daejeon by grooming up students of these schools". The Center boasts of a capacity to seat a 1,216 member strong audience and is one of the largest in the entire region. The hall is fitted with a Dolby sound system and is also let out for movie screenings and shows. A green room, practice hall, waiting lounge and parking space complete the requirements of a truly well planned Art Center.

Web Site:
Map: Woosong Arts Center
Telephone Number: 042-629-6464


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