Friday, 14 March 2008

Daejeon Philharmonic Choir: Choral Tuesday 25th March 2008 [DJAC]

The Daejeon Philharmonic Choir was set up in 1981 and from that time it has been playing the principal role for the development of the music culture of Daejeon. The Daejeon Philharmonic Choir has also opened a forum for global cultural exchange through the 93 Expo. The other events like the 96 World Choir Performance, 98 Korean Choir Grand Contest, 99 Korea-Japan Choir Performance and the Korean Choir Grand Contest of 2001 and other youth concerts have also been hosted by the Daejeon Philharmonic Choir. Every year around fifty varied concerts take place every year. Over the years the Daejeon Philharmonic Choir has arranged sixty-eight regular concerts, special edition concerts and altogether five hundred concerts have been organized till date.

Program: Madrigals: 1. Now is the month of maying / Thomas Morley 2. Fyer, Fyer! / Thomas Morley 3. Weep, Weep, mine eyes / John Wilbye 4. Weep you no more, sad fountains / John Dowland 5. It was a lover / Thomas Morley 6. Lay a garland / Robert Pearsall 7. The blue bird / C.V. Stanford Contemporary Sounds: 1. Hymn to St. Cecilia / Benjamin Britten 1. The Lark / Leonard Bernstein Seranades: 1. There si sweet music / Edward Elgar 2. My Love dwelt in a Northern Land / Edward Elgar 3. Serenade / Edward Elgar 4. Draw on, Sweet Night / John Rutter Choral Music of Korea: 1. 꽃구름 속에 / 이흥렬 2. 강 건너 봄이 오듯 / 임긍수 3. 아지랑이 / 최병철 "The Passing of the Year" / Jonathan Dove 1. Invocation, 2. The Narrow Bud opens her Beauties to the Sun, 3. Hot Sun, Cool fire, 4. Ah, Sun-flower!, 5. Answer July

Performer: Daejeon Philharmonic Choir [Conductor: Winfried Toll]
Place: Daejeon Culture & Arts Centre
Date: Tuesday_25th_March_2008
Time: 19:30
Tickets: Won: 20,000, 10,000, 5,000
Information:: DJAC
Contact: 610-2292

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