Thursday, 20 March 2008

Films In Daejeon: Brave Story [Japan]

Based on the work of popular novelist Miyabe Miyuki, Brave Story tells the tale of Wataru, a 10 year-old boy who enters a fantastic world called Vision, where he undertakes a quest to meet a wish-granting goddess. Wataru's adventure involves mastering magic, meeting new friends, and overcoming various obstacles in order to achieve his RPG-like goal. But Wataru has reasons for tackling this quest; back in the regular world, Wataru's mother lies near death, having suffered an accident after losing her husband to another woman. Wataru's life isn't much better; he performs poorly at school, and is bullied by his peers. His quest provides an escape and a possible solution for Wataru's problems - if he can make it through Vision alive. One of Wataru's companions, a neighbor named Mitsuru, is also on a quest in Vision. However, Mitsuru's goals are much different than Wataru's, and could have repercussions on the world of Vision itself. []

Director: Koichi Chigira
Year: 2006
Running Time: 112 minutes
Country: Japan
Genre: Animie
Trailer: Brave Story


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