Friday, 2 May 2008

Films in DaejeonThe Moonlight of Seoul [Korea]

At an upscale bar, Seung-wooYoon Kye-sangis the "ace" or most popular host who entertains female clients. But having grown up in a wealthy and now bankrupt family, he claims to be different from the others. Then Seung-woo meets Ji-wonYoon Jin-seo , a client, and the seducer becomes the seduced. Jae-hyeonHa Jeong-woo, is a cheeky guy who manages the younger hosts. Although Jae-hyeon lives with his longtime girlfriend, he shamelessly seduces other women and even brings them home. But maintaining a stylish lifestyle lands him in debt, and he must schematically lure women for cash. []

Yoon Jong-bin
123 min
Country: Korea
Trailer: Moonlight of Seoul

Cinemas: CGV Daejeon Cinewe Lotte Cinema Primus Time World Rodeo MCV Academy

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