Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Films in DaejeonCherry Tomato / 방울토마토 [Korea]

"Cherry Tomato" depicts the poverty-stricken life of an old man (played by veteran actor Sin Goo) and his granddaughter (Kim Hyang-ki). Living in a shabby single-room rented house, they do not have enough money to feed themselves. Park-gu works as a porter for a shopping mall in Seoul but he soon finds himself kicked out of the place. In his 70s, Park-gu tries to survive by collecting papers and recyclable stuffs on the street, but the money he earns is always too small to buy a decent meal. His granddaughter, 6, has been raised by her foul-mouthed grandfather after her mother left away years ago and her father was put behind bars. She knows her friends happily go to kindergarten and lead a normal life that is so different from hers, but she does not complain to her grandfather or anybody else. She feels always hungry, but hunger is not the only problem. Suffering a form of congenital corneal opacity and deprived of specially designed glasses, she frequently stumbles and falls flat on the ground. Yet she does not cry that much. The trouble doubles when her father Chun-sam (Kim Yeong-ho) abruptly returns home. Da-seong, however, gets only a small pot of cherry tomatoes when her father steals the tiny sum of money her grandfather has so far saved and runs away.

Jeong Yeong-bae
Country: Korea
Run Time: 101 min
Trailer: Cherry Tomato

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