Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Films in Daejeon8th - 13th May 2008

Among the films currently showing in Daejeon at the moment are below. Click on the films title to read more about the film and view a trailer.

1. Speed Racer [USA]
2. Priceless [France]
3. Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street [Japan]
4. Can You See Seoul? [Korea]
5. Resurrection of the Butterfly [Japan]
6. Letter from a Yellow Cherry Blossom [Japan]
7. The Mourning Forest [Japan]
8. Sharasojyu [Japan]
9. A Tale of Legendary Libido [Korea]
10. Horton Hears A Who [USA]
11. The Moonlight of Seoul [Korea]
12. Iron Man [USA]
13. The Forbidden Kingdom [USA]
14. The Bucket List [USA]
15. Taken [Korea]

To get an idea of screening times, click on the Program link for individual cinemas below. The program link for the Daejeon Art Cinema shows times for the whole week [8th May to 15th May], the links to other programs show the times for Friday the 8th of May. Movies change on Wednesdays.To get information about the cinemas click on the name of the cinema.

CGV Daejeon: Program 8th May
Cinewe Theatre:
Program 8th May
Lotte Cinema:
Program 8th May
MCV Academy:
Program 8th May
Program 8th May
Rodeo Town:
Program 8th May
Time World:
Program 8th May
Daejeon Art Cinema: Program 8th -15th May

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