Saturday, 17 May 2008

Brian Crane: Piano Recital Thurdsay 22th May 2008 [DJAC]

The new age pianist Brian Crane will perform a recital of his own compositions at the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center on Tursday 22nd of May 2008. The simple, sweet, serene and yet seductive, the music of Brian Crane is the perfect synonym for the word romance. Built around soothing melodic piano instrumentation colored with just the right balance of synthesized string arrangements the music is more than just memorable. Crain is a native Californian who has released a total of 8 albums that also include a live and Christmas project. His website states that he has sold over 100,000 copies.

Program: 1 Sunrise (Solo); 2 Gentle Rain (Solo); 3 Rolling Clouds (Solo); 4 Song for Sienna (Solo); 5 A Walk in the Forest (Duet); 6 Across the Bay (Duet); 7 Andante Cantabile (Duet); 8 Kindred Spirits (Duet); 9 Flight of the Eagle (Duet); 1 Field of Daisies (Solo); 2 Butterfly Waltz (Solo); 3 Northern Lights (Solo); 4 Two Spirits Soar (Solo); 5 Lavender Hills (Duet); 6 Midsummer Night (Duet); 7 One Morning in June (Duet); 8 Fly Away (Duet); 9 Northern Sky (Duet); 10 Song for Rome (Duet)

Performer: Brian Crane
Daejeon Culture & Arts Centre
Thursday 22nd of May 2008
R:50,000; s: 40,000
Contact: 042+485-3355


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