Friday, 18 April 2008

Films In Dajeon: Star Star: Anima Vision 2 [Korea]

Anima Vision 2 is a feature-length omnibus animation comprised of 6 short films about human rights issues. Each short covers a variety of topics; “The Third Wish” (dir. AHN Dong-hee, RYOO Jeong-woo) is about disabled people’s childbirth; "Peeling" (dir. HONG Deok-pyo) deals with men’s complexes becoming great in society; "Baby" (dir. LEE Hong-soo, LEE Hong-min) talks about a working mother’s difficulty of bringing up a child; "Merry Golasmas" (dir. JEONG Min-yeong) brings out different types of widespread discrimination; "Shine Shine Shining" (dir. KWON Mi-jeong) speaks out about the issue related to migrant women by an international marriage; lastly, "Lies" (dir. PARK Yong-jae) deals with a homosexual who is pushed to marry a woman by his parents.

Producer: Lee Ae-rim
Year: 2008
Country: Korea
Trailer: Star Star


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