Friday, 4 April 2008

Films In Daejeon: The Ugly Duckling and Me! [USA]

Filmmakers Michael Hegner and Karsten Kiilerich offer an updated variation on Hans Christian Anderson 's beloved classic in this computer animated tale of a tough-luck rodent con-artist who befriends a homely hatchling with a most unusual talent. Ratso is a traveling scammer who longs to break big in the profitable world of show business, but when Ratso ends up on a duck farm and becomes the caretaker of a distinctively large egg, he is about to find out the true meaning of friendship. As the egg cracks and a most unsightly hatchling emerges, Ratso nicknames the feathered infant "Ugly" and reluctantly finds himself assuming the role of the chick's de facto father. This isn't your average baby duckling though, because Ugly possesses a talent that audiences will no doubt flock to see. As dollar signs flash before Ratso's eyes and he schemes to make a killing by exploiting the unassuming young innocent, the unlikely pair embark on an adventure-filled journey that may just find the heartless rodent realizing that there is much more to life than making a quick buck. [Jason Buchanan/AMG]

Film: Ugly Duckling and Me! [ 미운오리새끼와 랫소의 모험]
Director: Michael Hegner, Karsten Kiilerich
Year: 2006
Run Time: 90 min.
Countries: Ireland / Denmark / Germany / France
Category: Animated
Genre: Children's/Family
Trailer: Ugly Duckling and Me!

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