Friday, 4 April 2008

Films in Daejeon: Farewell [Korea]

The Daejeon Art Cinema will be showing two independent documentary feature films -작별 / Jak-byeol [Farewell] and 어느날 그길에서 [One Day On The Road] - directed by the filmaker Hwang Yoon in 2001. Born in Seoul in 1972. Majoring in English Literature at Ehwa Woman's University in Seoul, the 2001 documentary film 작별 [Farewell] was her first and delt with the life and death of wild animals in zoos. The 2003 film - 어느날 그길에서 [One Day On The Road]- dealt with roadkill. Hwang has continued to make independent documentary films on endangered wild animals and the ecosystem. []

Films: 작별 [Farewell] & 어느날 그길에서 [One Day On The Road]
Director: Hwang Yoon
Country: Korea
Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema
Times: see program

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