Thursday, 10 April 2008

Films In Daejeon: An Empress and the Warriors [China]

In ancient China, rival kingdoms grapple for ultimate reign. On a battlefield, a dying king commands his daughter, Princess Fei Er (Kelly Chen) to take the helm and defend their kingdom with help from general Xue Hu (Donnie Yen). Fei Er's cousin, Wu Ba (Guo Xiao Dong) also has his eyes on the throne and sends out assassins to kill the princess. A mysterious man named Duan Lan Quan (Leon Lai) manages to save Fei Er from the grisly fate and they fall in love. Fei Er must choose between following her dreams to elope with Duan and submitting to her duty to defend her kingdom.

Director: Tony Ching
Country: China
Genre: History/ Action
Length: 95 mins
Date of release: 20th March, 2008
Trailer: An Empress And the Warriors

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