Saturday, 19 April 2008

Concert: Daejeon Clarinet Choir Sunday 20th April [DJAC]

The Daejeon Culture and Arts Centre is happy to present a performance by the Daejeon Clarinet Choir. The performance will include a diverse range of pieces including favourties from the Western classical tradition, stage and movie soundtracks; Korean pieces; and [to get those feet tapping] Klezmer!!.

Program Includes: G. Rossini Overture "The Italian Girl in Algeirs"; J Hayden Trumpet Concerto E Flat Major; A> Ciesla Kiezmer suite in 3 Movements for Clarinet Choir; L. Harline "When You Wish Upon a Star"; W.A. MOzart "Clarinter Concerto in A Major, L.622, W. Morricone "Gabriel's Oboe; E. Morricone "Oboe Theme"

Performer: Daejeon Clarinet Choir
Place: Daejeon Culture & Arts Centre
Date: Sunday 20th April 2008
Time: 19:00
Tickets: R:20,000, S: 10,000
Website:: DJAC
Information: 610-2222

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