Thursday, 10 July 2008

Films in DaejeonStrawberry Shortcakes [Japan]

Strawberry Shortcakes is a look at the lives of four women in modern-day Tokyo. Satoko (Chiziru Ikewaki), unlucky in love, works as the secretary at an escort agency, where she isn't as glamorous as her co-workers, but she hasn't given up hope that she might find a man who finds her special. Akiyo (Yuko Nakamura) who is one of the prostitutes working there (who sleeps at night in a coffin in her apartment) has found the man she wants to be with, an old college friend who, like her, hasn't made much of his life – but he only sees her as a friend. Saddened by this, Akiyo increasingly humiliates and abases herself, taking on even the most revolting of clients. Humiliation is also the fate of Chihiro (Noriko Nakagoshi), a pretty but superficial young woman, scorned by her colleagues at work for her pleasant but servile manner with the management. She is also heading for disappointment by putting too much faith in a casual relationship she is having with a young co-worker. Chihiro lives with Toko, a graphic artist, designing covers for book publishers. Toko (Kiriko Nanana), seems to be successfully getting over a broken relationship, but she's blocking the pain through bouts of bulimia and by throwing herself into her work.

Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
Country: Japan
Runtime: 127 mins
Showing: Daejeon Art Cinema
Trailer: Strawberry Shortcakes

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