Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Films in Daejeon: Caché [France]

In Paris, Georges Laurent [Daniel Auteuil] is a famous host of a literary talk show on TV, who lives in a comfortable house with his wife Anne [Juliette Binoche] and their teenager son Pierrot [Lester Makedonsky]. When Georges and Anne receives videotapes of surveillance of their private life and weird and gore childlike drawings, they go to the police, but they do not get any protection since there is not a clear menace to the Laurent family. When Georges follows a clue in one of the tapes that shows his childhood home, he meets his former adopted brother, the Algerian Majid [Maurice Bénichou] and accuses him of sending the tapes. Meanwhile, through glimpses of Georges' nightmares, his lies due to his jealous relationship with his foster brother are disclosed.

Director: Michael Haneke
Runtime: 117 mins
Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema
Trailer: Caché

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