Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Films in Daejeon: My Song Is ... [Korea]

20-year-old Hee-chul [Sin Hyeon-ho (신현호) ] living with his grandmother Min-ha [Joo Min-ha (주민하) ] in a small room doesn't have a special dream or hope. He didn't go to collage just like others at his age, instead, does a part time work at a snack bar. One day, he appears as a main actor in an independent film, which is produced by college students Yun-ju [ Min Se-yeon (민세연) ] and Sang-uh [ Yoon Se-min (윤세민) ]. Since then, some of his friends leave him and some troubles appear, which change his point of view little by little. He gets to experience a whole new world that provides him with another steps forward especially through director Yun-ju. This movie shows a growth pain not only comes to Hee-chul but also comes to everyone in their twenties. Source

Director: Ahn Seul-gi (안슬기)
Runtime: 80 mins
Country: Korea
My Song Is ...

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