Thursday, 10 July 2008

Films in Daejeon:Santamaria / 잘못된 만남 [Korea]

Il-do, played by Jeong Woong-in ("My Boss, My Hero"), was once an up-and-coming police detective in Seoul. For some reason, he has been sent back to his hometown, Yeongdeok, as a mere traffic cop. His current job issuing speed tickets to reckless drivers, one of whom is Ho-cheol (Seong Ji-roo), his high school buddy and now a taxi driver. Rewind the clock to their high school days - about 15 years go - and the two were rivals for the love of the same girl. The final winner was Il-do, and Ho-cheol's romantic life was mercilessly shattered. But the fate quickly reversed their fortunes. When the two entered military service, they met again at the same base, and this time Ho-cheol emerged triumphant, with a higher military rank. Being a subordinate, Il-do had to suffer a humiliating treatment, able to do nothing about it because of Ho-cheol's superior rank.

Jeong Yeong-bae (정영배)
104 mins

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