Monday, 18 August 2008

Films in Daejeon:You, the Living [Sweden]

You, the Living (Swedish: Du levande) is a 2007 film by Swedish director Roy Andersson. It premiered at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, as part of the Un Certain Regard selection. The film is an exploration on the "grandeur of existence", centered around the lives of an overweight woman, a disgruntled psychiatrist, a heart broken groupie, a carpenter, a business consultant, an elementary school teacher with emotional issues and her rug selling husband, among others. Shot in an unconventional manner, it consists of a fluent succession of exactly 50 short sketches, each filmed in one take. Most of them have a tragicomic undertone. It utilizes a combination of alienating techniques such as presenting the characters in grim make-up and having them talk to the camera, turning them into vessels for the message of the movie.

Director: Roy Andersson
Country: Sweeden
Year: 2007
Runtime: 95 mins
Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema [23rd to 31st of August]
Extract: You, The Living


Anonymous said...

Hello, does anyone know if this and the other foreign films will be subtitled in both korean and english?

Dr Simon Combe said...

I am guessing that the films are in their orginal languages and that the subtitles are in Korean. I am however in Vietnam at the moment and so it is not easy for me to find out. The contact phone number for the Daejeon Art Cinemma however is: 042-472-1138 and I am sure if one contacts them they will be happy to let you know. I should as an aside note that the film "You, the Living" is well worth catching. Roy Andersson is a highly regarded Swedish director who has only made four films since 1970. This is a rare opportunity to see a film by this modernn master!!!