Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Films in Daejeon:The U.S. VS. John Lennon [USA]

The U.S. VS. John Lennon focuses on a part of the music icon's life that is often overlooked: his politicisation both during and after the Vietnam War. Towards the end of the Beatles' career, Lennon began taking the band in a new direction, using their popularity to circulate a message of peace in songs such as ‘Revolution’. He became even more involved after the band broke up, and the film traces his growing awareness and dissent through both archival footage--much of which had lain forgotten in vaults for decades--and interviews with those close to him. This leads to the titular case, in which the U.S. government, which had already been monitoring his actions for some time, attempted to deport the star for fear of the threat he posed to the nation. The film also portrays Lennon's close relationship with Yoko Ono and the effect she had on his art, including an interview with the Japanese performance artist and muse that sheds much light on the couple's intimate history.

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Runtime: 96 mins
Cinema: Daejeon Art Cinema [1st - 15th September]

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